Edmund Morris’s Book on the Early Years of Theodore Roosevelt

Early Years of Theodore Roosevelt pic

Early Years of Theodore Roosevelt
Image: amazon.com

David F. Baucom is a rear admiral in the US Navy, where he works to create a more agile and distributed naval logistics strategy. He additionally holds responsibilities as director for logistics strategy with the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations. An avid reader, RADM David Baucom particularly enjoys works on American history, such as The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris.

Published in 1979, the volume represented the first in a trilogy of Morris’s biographies on America’s 26th president, a pivotal force in early 20th-century politics. The book traces Roosevelt’s early childhood, which was characterized by frail health and a precocious appetite for learning and outdoor activity. Beginning in politics as an assemblyman in New York State, he subsequently took up ranching in the Dakotas.

Teddy Roosevelt returned to New York as civil service commissioner, focusing on civic reforms, and ultimately accepted a position as police commissioner of New York City. He gained national recognition as Assistant Secretary of the Navy and famously led the mounted “Rough Riders” during America’s war with Spain over Cuba.

Throughout the book, Morris provides a detailed look at the future president’s early life and career. He tempers an obvious enthusiasm for the subject with the responsibility of giving an objective account of Roosevelt’s successes and failures.


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