The Royal Palace in Budapest

Royal Palace in Budapest pic

Royal Palace in Budapest

As a senior naval officer, Rear Admiral David F. Baucom has traveled to many parts of the world in the course of his work. Of all the cities he has visited, RADM David Baucom’s favorite is Budapest, the capital of Hungary.

An attraction not to be missed while in Budapest is the Royal Palace. Over the past 700 years, the palace has been burned down and reconstructed at least six times. In the mid-13th century, Béla IV constructed his royal residence with succeeding monarchs adding to the structure.

In the battle to defeat the Turks in 1686, the palace was totally destroyed. It was rebuilt by the Habsburgs, who did not spend much time there. Today, the Royal Palace houses the National Széchenyi Library and two key museums.

Containing an astonishing collection that chronicles Hungarian art starting from the 11th century until present, the Hungarian National Gallery occupies over four floors. Among the museum’s large collections are Renaissance stonework, Gothic wooden sculptures, and late Gothic winged altars. The Castle Museum, on the other hand, occupies three floors and traces the city’s 2,000-year history. There are restored palace rooms, as well as vaulted halls, and a Renaissance door frame displaying the seal of Queen Beatrix.


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