Things to Do in Budapest

Danube River, Budapest pic

Danube River, Budapest

David Baucom has over 30 years of experience in the United States Navy. As a rear admiral in the Navy’s Supply Corps, David Baucom is developing the strategy for the future of naval logistics. This will be a much more distributed and agile approach to logistics than our forces use today.

Throughout his career, Rear Admiral Baucom has had the opportunity to do a great deal of traveling. He most enjoys visiting Europe, and his favorite city to visit is Budapest, Hungary.

Located on the beautiful Danube River, Budapest is the capital city of Hungary. In addition to the natural beauty of the river, Budapest also contains natural thermal baths. The Szechenyi Baths were originally constructed in 1913, and the outdoor thermal pools are open year-round.

Visitors to Budapest can also enjoy the sights of an UNESCO World Heritage Site located within the city. In 1987, the view of the Danube embankments and the Buda Castle District was named as a World Heritage Site, intended to be preserved and considered to have historical value and importance. Though this area has endured wars, fires, and the passage of time, it is still a beautiful and worthwhile stop for any tourist.

Budapest is also considered to be a place of great musical creativity and exploration. Visitors can hear the music composed in Hungary’s past, or can opt to listen to more modern jazz performances, in the variety of concert halls and theaters throughout Budapest.

Budapest has plenty of sights and experiences to appeal to tourists interested in history, architecture and culture, or to those looking for an out-of-the-ordinary place to vacation and explore.


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