The Museum Sint-Janshospitaal in Bruges, Belgium

Museum Sint-Janshospitaal pic

Museum Sint-Janshospitaal

Rear Admiral David F. Baucom has over 34 years of distinguished military service. Through the course of his career in the US Navy, RADM David Baucom has traveled to many cities. One of his favorite cities is Bruges, Belgium, which is home to the Museum Sint-Janshospitaal.

Among Europe’s oldest preserved hospital edifices, Saint John’s Hospital possesses a history of caring for the sick, pilgrims, and travelers that spans eight centuries. From the 12th century until the mid-19th century the old infirmary took care of those in need. As the nuns had scant medical expertise, they primarily tended to the care of the soul.

Through its collection of furniture, medical implements, paintings, pewter ware, and silverware, the museum shows visitors what hospital life was like from Medieval times through the Victorian period. Museum Sint-Janshospitaal is also well known for housing the six masterpieces of 15th-century artist Hans Memling. The collection includes the famed Shrine of St. Ursula.


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