Prague’s Historical Architecture

St. George’s Basilica pic

St. George’s Basilica

With nearly 35 years of service in the US Navy, Rear Admiral David F. Baucom has traveled virtually all over the world, including Europe, Kuwait, and Japan. RADM David Baucom, who was a military aide to President and Mrs. Reagan, names Prague in the Czech Republic as some of his favorite cities.

Tourists love to visit Prague because of the city’s world-renowned architecture. Unlike many other European cities, Prague survived World War II with little damage, so the city’s architecture represents more than 800 years of history.

St. George’s Basilica dates back to the Romanesque era and features circular exteriors. Dramatic Gothic towers and buttresses represent Prague’s time as the capital of the Holy Roman Empire in the 14th century. The Renaissance style of the 16th century, with its classical Italian harmony and mythical figures, can be seen in the designs etched into stucco on the sides of Schwarzenberg Palace.

Other buildings in the Old Town and beyond represent the elaborate Baroque era through the neoclassical and into later representations, such as art nouveau, cubist, and communist art and architecture. Many tourists, including David Baucom, find that walking through this historical city is a fascinating experience in observing social change through the edifices that still stand.


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