La Grand-Place in Brussels, Belgium

La Grand-Place pic

La Grand-Place

The senior director of supply chain at Vintun LLC, David F. Baucom demonstrated a strong ability to lead through his 35-year career with the US Navy. He retired from the Navy as a Rear Admiral (RADM) and served as a military aide for President and Mrs. Ronald Reagan. As part of his work with the Navy, David Baucom traveled to numerous cities in Europe, including Brussels, where he was amazed by La Grand-Place.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, La Grand-Place is an iconic square found in Brussels, Belgium. Dating back to the 12th century, the square features a blend of architecture from the Baroque, Louis XIV, and Gothic eras. It draws in thousands of visitors every year and is routinely packed with tourists and locals throughout the day. La Grand-Place is surrounded by nearly 40 guild halls and buildings dating back to between the 14th and 17th centuries, and it is home to Brussels’ town hall. The space also hosts several cultural events, including the flower carpet that is laid out every two years and the procession of the Meyboom.

Historically, La Grand-Place was used as a marketplace for residents and traders. Locals would visit the square to buy and sell all types of food. The streets around the area are still named after various types of food, but buildings have now replaced the old market shelters. Over the years, the square has also been the location of various dark events. Public executions were held in the square, and it is where many Protestants and witches were burned at the stake.


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