Career Services through the Military Officers Association of America


The Military Officers Association of America pic

The Military Officers Association of America

A recently retired officer in the United States Navy, David F. Baucom holds the rank of rear admiral and served President and Mrs. Reagan as a White House military aide. David Baucom, RADM, remains an active member of the Military Officers Association of America.

The Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) is a voluntary association for officers in the United States armed forces. It has more than 370,000 members across all branches of the military. The MOAA is dedicated first and foremost to protecting the interests of members and their families, and carries the secondary goal of promoting a strong national defense.

The MOAA operates an array of educational programs designed to help service members and their families enjoy financial and professional stability. In order to help veterans find employment after leaving the service, it operates career fairs and other helpful programs.

The next MOAA Virtual Career Fair will be held on March 22, 2017. It is open to all current and former members of the military. Participants will be able to network with prominent companies that value veterans. Registration is limited, so interested parties should register as soon as possible. The MOAA also recommends having a current resume available, and researching the participating companies ahead of time to find a good match.


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