End-to-End Visibility in Transportation Management Systems

Transportation Management Systems pic

Transportation Management Systems
Image: softwareadvice.com

David F. Baucom had a lengthy career as U.S. Navy rear admiral (RADM), which he leverages in his current position to guide the supply chain for Vintun LLC. RADM David F. Baucom has a strong personal interest in the dynamics of value chain creation from a management perspective.

According to a recent Logistics Management article, transportation management systems (TMSs) are a focus of intensive innovation, as shippers must increase capacities to meet the complex requirements of today’s global markets. One area of TMS focus is “end-to-end supply chain visibility,” through which the real-time movement of shipments is tracked. Integrated software solutions by providers such as Oracle allow diverse elements of the supply chain to be linked seamlessly, with full transparency from start to finish.

Shippers actively track shipments, whether in the factory yard, at a distribution hub, on a vessel, or traveling via truck to the delivery destination. They then convey this information to customers in ways that provide scheduling certainty. Another aspect of this is the “Uberization” of the supply chain, through which the most suitable prices and scheduling can be sourced and arranged via the TMS, even in long-haul situations necessitating multi-tiered planning.


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