Adopt an Animal at the Sydney Zoo

Sydney Zoo pic

Sydney Zoo

A member of professional organizations such as the National Defense Industrial Association, David F. Baucom served as a White House military aide to President Reagan and as a Rear Admiral (RADM) in the U.S. Navy. In his leisure time, David Baucom enjoys traveling and visiting sites such as the Sydney Zoo in Australia.

The Taronga Sydney Zoo offers the opportunity for you to adopt an animal, allowing you to participate in its conservation efforts. For instance, you can choose to adopt an Asian elephant, a species which struggles to maintain its numbers.

Other animals available for adoption include bilbies, meerkats, red pandas, Sumatran tigers, and Tasmanian devils. Your tax-deductible donations to adopt the animal of your choice extend for a year and may be paid in monthly installments or all at once. These donations fund the zoo’s education and research programs for endangered species, as well as breeding programs and habitat preservation efforts.

For more information about the various giving levels and benefits of choosing to adopt an animal at the Taronga Sydney Zoo, visit


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