USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) – Seventy Sixer Newsletter

USS Ronald Reagan CVN 76 pic
USS Ronald Reagan CVN 76

Having served in the United States Navy for more than 30 years, retired Rear Admiral (RADM) David F. Baucom was responsible for overseeing logistics operations and supply chain management related to strategic planning for the Navy. David Baucom served in a variety of leadership positions both ashore and afloat, including being the pre-commissioning supply officer for the USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76).

Commissioned to be the cornerstone of the Navy’s Carrier Strike Group, the USS Ronald Reagan CVN 76 publishes its own newsletter, known as the Seventy Sixer, to provide information and assistance for Navy personnel assigned to the USS Ronald Reagan, as well as promote the ship’s activities to the military and the general public.

The Seventy Sixer features biographies of individual military personnel who serve or have served on the aircraft carrier, articles covering new technology and weaponry, and information regarding U.S. naval bases in foreign countries and details about rules of conduct while visiting such locations. The newsletter also covers general topics such as military benefits and assistance for military families.

Foods to Take on a Hike


An honorably retired U.S. Navy Rear Admiral (RADM), David F. Baucom served in a variety of posts throughout his career, including as a military aide to President and Mrs. Ronald Reagan. Outside of his military career, David Baucom enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking.

When heading out on a hike, bringing the proper foods is just as vital as having the right equipment. It’s equally important to maintain proper hydration. A good practice is to drink around four cups of water to hydrate before a hike, and then plan to bring along at least two cups of water to drink for every hour you plan to be on the hiking trail, with some additional water in case something comes up.

For shorter hikes that last a day or less, it’s okay to bring perishable items to eat as long as you have a way to keep them cool. An ice pack is most commonly used for this, but bringing these types of things along adds to the weight of one’s pack. That’s why it’s usually best to pack less-perishable foods such as trail mix, granola bars, or jerky.

For longer trips that will stretch out over days and include camping, one obviously has to bring along items that won’t spoil. Many of the same non-perishable items listed above are great to pack, but you will probably want to bring along more substantial foods such as canned meat and/or poultry. If you’re bringing along a pot for boiling water, then pasta, rice, and soup are also foods you can safely pack, and as these items are dehydrated, they add less weight that must be carried.

Atlanta Braves Improve Their Pitching Roster in the Offseason


Atlanta Braves pic
Atlanta Braves

US Navy RADM, David F Baucom, served his country for 34 years. During this time, the rear admiral earned an MS in Acquisition and Contract Management at The Naval Postgraduate School. David Baucom enjoys baseball, and his favorite team is the Atlanta Braves.

The Braves disappointed fans during the 2016 season and finished in last place in the NL East division. Pitching was the biggest problem as they were ranked 24 out of 30 in team statistics, and though the team has several youngsters that will no doubt be the future of the franchise, throwing help was needed for the club as they move into their new stadium (Suntrust Park).

Fortunately, management has been busy in the off-season and signed two veteran free agents and traded two of their underperforming pitchers and a second baseman to the St Louis Cardinals for left-hander Jaime Garcia.

The most high-profile move was the signing of the right-handed 43-year-old veteran, Bartolo Colon to a one-year $12.5 million contract. Despite losing some speed on his fastball, his experience and reliability on the mound will make him a valuable addition to the Braves’ rotation.

The other right-hander signed was the 42-year-old, R.A. Dickey, for $7.5 million. The knuckleball specialist won the Cy Young Award just five years ago when he threw for the NY Mets, but he his time since then with the Blue Jays wasn’t nearly as productive.

Washington Redskins Offseason Quarterback Decision

Washington Redskins


Prior to his full career in the US Navy culminating in the rank of rear admiral (RADM), David F Baucom graduated with a BS in industrial management from Auburn University. David Baucom’s favorite professional football team is the Washington Redskins.

The Redskins had a respectable if lackluster season in 2016 by finishing third place in the NFC East with an 8-7-1 record. With one game remaining in the season, they were in charge of their own destiny, yet despite having nothing to play for, a surprisingly inspired Giants club limited the high-powered Redskin offense to only ten points and denied them a wild card playoff berth.

Kirk Cousins led the team last year as quarterback and one of the offensive squads captains. He threw for over 4900 yards and a 67 percent completion rate. Together with his 25 touchdown passes and only 12 interceptions, his statistics were good enough to land him quarterback rating of 97.2.

The Redskins will have to decide in the off-season whether to re-sign Cousins for a long-term contract or trade him. They’ll have to be careful with the salary cap, and the Redskins are determined to provide a quality lineup around whoever their quarterback is. If Cousins can’t be signed, backup Colt McCoy will likely get the nod as the starter.