Adopt an Animal at the Sydney Zoo

Sydney Zoo pic
Sydney Zoo

A member of professional organizations such as the National Defense Industrial Association, David F. Baucom served as a White House military aide to President Reagan and as a Rear Admiral (RADM) in the U.S. Navy. In his leisure time, David Baucom enjoys traveling and visiting sites such as the Sydney Zoo in Australia.

The Taronga Sydney Zoo offers the opportunity for you to adopt an animal, allowing you to participate in its conservation efforts. For instance, you can choose to adopt an Asian elephant, a species which struggles to maintain its numbers.

Other animals available for adoption include bilbies, meerkats, red pandas, Sumatran tigers, and Tasmanian devils. Your tax-deductible donations to adopt the animal of your choice extend for a year and may be paid in monthly installments or all at once. These donations fund the zoo’s education and research programs for endangered species, as well as breeding programs and habitat preservation efforts.

For more information about the various giving levels and benefits of choosing to adopt an animal at the Taronga Sydney Zoo, visit

The American Spirit – the Latest Publication from David McCullough

The American Spirit pic
The American Spirit

In 2016, Rear Admiral (RADM) David F. Baucom retired from the U.S. Navy. He is now the senior director at Vintun LLC, an information services company in Alexandria, Virginia. Away from his professional endeavors, David Baucom enjoys reading history books written by authors such as David McCullough.

A two-time recipient of the Pulitzer Prize, David McCullough has written multiple best-selling books, including Mornings on Horseback, The Wright Brothers, and 1776. McCullough’s work covers everything from influential US political figures to the greatest strides in American innovation.

Most recently, McCullough released a collection of his speeches, titled The American Spirit: Who We Are and What We Stand For. The new book features addresses given by McCullough between 1989 and 2016 at the White House, before Congress, and to university audiences, among others. The American Spirit considers the various characteristics and principles that are unique to the United States.

A Brief History of the USS Ronald Reagan

USS Ronald Reagan  pic
USS Ronald Reagan

A graduate of Auburn University, David F. Baucom served in numerous assignments over 34 years in the United States Navy and retired in the rank of rear admiral. A former White House military aide to President Ronald Reagan, David Baucom also served aboard the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan.

Christened by Nancy Reagan in March, 2001, the USS Ronald Reagan was commissioned in July, 2003, at the Norfolk Naval Station and first departed for its home port of San Diego in May, 2004. The aircraft carrier departed for its maiden deployment in January, 2006, eight years after construction began, as part of a mission in support of the global war on terrorism, which included Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom.

The ship has also been used to support humanitarian efforts and disaster relief, most notably in response to the sinking of the 24,000 ton MV Princess of the Stars, which sank south of Manila as a result of Typhoon Fengshen in 2008. It has also been deployed to Japan following the catastrophic 9.0 magnitude earthquake in 2011 that resulted in thousands of casualties. Two days after being order to provide disaster relief to Japan, USS Ronald Reagan arrived off the coast of Honshu, where it served as a refueling platform for Japanese Self Defense Force helicopters conducting rescue and recovery missions.

Naval Postgraduate School – Research Programs

  Before beginning a career in the United States Navy, retired Rear Admiral (RADM) David F. Baucom attended Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama, where he received a bachelor of science in industrial management in 1981. David Baucom also attended the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, where he earned a master’s in acquisition and contract management in 1991.

The Naval Postgraduate School is designed to provide advanced education and programs to train and develop effective officers who are then better equipped to protect the United States. The school offers several research programs, some of which include the use of unique laboratory facilities, allowing students to provide support for Navy/DoD needs.

The Naval Postgraduate School also features research programs that work together with non-federal entities as well as providing fleet support and joint warfare analysis. Students are trained in basic and applied research and are also able to submit their own ideas for research projects through the Naval Research Program Portal.